Summer internships provide opportunities for students to gain experience in their discipline, determine if they have an interest in a particular career, and create a network of contacts. And here at IIT Madras, Internships are given due importance and also included as part of the curriculum for the pre-final year students. Every B.Tech., Dual Degree and MBA student is required to undergo an Industrial training as approved by the Department. The training must take place continuously for a minimum of six weeks. Two credits are awarded for this essential requirement of the B.Tech./Dual Degree programme. Students from other programs also take up internships to add to their educational experience.

IIT Madras has consistently been a destination of choice for leading firms who offer summer internships. Students take up internships in a variety of sectors such as Core, Consulting, Finance, FMCG's, Analytics, IT, NGO's and Government Institutions apart from the research internships taken up in various Indian and foreign universities. The major companies that have taken student for internships have been HUL, ITC, Schlumberger, Deutsche Bank, Adobe, IBM & Teach for India to name a few. Such industrial activity provides students with adequate exposure in tackling real life problems encountered in the working of an industrial entity. The companies also gain from the fresh perspective and inputs of the students and also bettering their profile among the general student community.

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For non IITM students : This portal is meant for companies and IITM students only. For project opportunities under IITM professors, please refer to the respective department website and the professors' webpages.

For recruiters and companies : As per the institute's policy, the internships are handled by the various departments themselves. If you'd like to know more about the internship process or would like to recruit summer interns from IITM, please contact:

Damini Gandham
Academic Affairs Secretary
sec_acaf [at]
+91 9444005765
Anusha C
Internship Head
internhead.iitm [at]
+91 9840350973
Prateek Kolhar
Internship Head
internhead.iitm [at]
+91 9789083161