Research and Development

IIT Madras has a strong research culture and is at the forefront of technological advancement in various fields. Research is nurtured through various academic programs run by the departments. Research programs sponsored by national and international organizations as well as the industry drive excellence and innovation.

Academic Research Programs

These relate to research work undertaken by the faculty and research labs/groups in each department. Each department has a host of specific interest research groups led by professors with resources and facilities available in different laboratories. Strong relations with reputed research, scientific and professional bodies like IEEE, INAE, ACM, etc aid in pushing the frontiers of science and technology. Scholars admitted to MS and PhD programs carry out research and development work under the guidance of the faculty. Interdisciplinary research initiatives are also undertaken, coordinated by professors from various departments.

Student Projects

Apart from the MS and PhD scholars, all students in the BTech, Dual Degree, MTech and MSc programs are also required to undertake a final year research project under the guidance of the faculty. This inculcates innovative thinking and industriousness among the students and brings fresh and original ideas to various fields. This is evidenced by the many publications in peer-reviewed journals and international conferences.

Sponsored Research and Research Based Industrial Consultancy

Various national and international organizations including Government agencies sponsor specific research programs that are of interest to them. Based on the nature of the research, project proposals are prepared by the faculty and forwarded to the sponsors. Sponsored projects promote cross organizational collaboration as project staff are often permitted to register for academic degrees in the institute.

Apart from teaching and research, faculty and technical staff of the institute take up many assignments of direct relevance to the industry. This activity is known as Industrial Consultancy and may include one or more of the following:

  • Testing and certification of industrial products.
  • Development of prototypes and their testing.
  • Exploring new approaches to design and manufacturing.
  • Help design new products.
  • Investigate/correct problems, manufacturing of equipment.
  • Offer specialized programs to the industry to keep them abreast of latest developments.

All such collaborative R & D activities are channeled through the Center for Industrial Consultancy and Sponsored Research (ICSR).

Centres of Excellence

Owing to the flourishing relations between IIT Madras and the industry, many leading companies like Autodesk, Microsoft and Intel have established Centres of Excellence and sponsored research laboratories in the campus.

IIT Madras Research Park

To reach new heights in developing cutting-edge technology and driving innovation, IIT Madras is establishing a comprehensive Research Park near the campus. This will enable partner companies and organizations to leverage the expertise of IIT Madras and further enhance the collaborative research efforts between the institute and industry and provide impetus to business enterprises driven by research.

Please click here to go the website of IITMRP.